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Beach Patrol
Chief - Dan Adams     Captain - Matt Kelm
Headquarters - Community Building
33rd and Atlantic Avenue 

The 2017 Longport Beach Patrol Mascot Races were held on Saturday, September 9, 2017, at the 33rd Avenue beach. Approximately 60 children participated in the event.

Please click here for the full results of the 2017 Captain Turner Swim

Please click here for the overall winners of the Captain Turner Swim

Longport’s Beach Patrol and volunteer fire department strive to keep our residents and beach patrons safe. Please read the following guidelines regarding rip currents and beach safety by clicking here.

The Longport Beach Patrol is looking forward to the Summer of 2017 and seeing everybody once again. Remember to always swim at guarded beaches during beach hours of operation. Safe Beaches are Happy Beaches.

The Longport Beach Patrol is gearing up for another wonderful summer season. Please note that all Guarded Bathing Beaches are open from 10am until 6pm on each day of operation.

Beach patrons are reminded to swim only near a lifeguard during guarded bathing beach hours of operation. Please follow the direction of your lifeguards. They are trained professionals and have experience and are knowledgeable of the ocean water conditions. Pay close attention to the "Beach Warning Flags" atop the lifeguard stands. They are posted as a guidance system based on the current ocean water conditions:

Green - Safe

Yellow - Caution

Red - Hazardous, and Red with No Swimming Sign - Bathing Restricted - No Swimming!

Please don't forget your beach badges. Badges are required for all beach patrons over the age of 12. Beach inspectors are required to check everyone for beach badges, please have them with you when you come to the beach.

Help keep Longport's beaches as beautiful as they have always been, place all trash and recyclables in appropriate receptacles. Longport’s Public Works Department takes great pride in keeping our beaches clean and well groomed, please help to do the same.

Beach Badge Information